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Are you a business looking to promote, market or advertise your product or service?

"84% of consumers are convinced to buy from a video ad"

- Harmon Brothers

(The ad agency behind “the most viral ad in internet history).

At Graham Z Media 

we offer a variety of video productions created to

drive sales and leads,

preserve memorable events,


inspire our audiences

Videography: Text
Coquina Coast Brewing Company
Blindogg Productions, LLC

Coquina Coast Brewing Company

This production is made possible by the generous support of our sponsor Coquina Coast Brewing Company Blindogg Productions, LLC presents the upcoming, original TV series, "Unfinished Business." Unfinished Business: A mortician, through an unexplained phenomenon, is compelled to fulfill the final thoughts of the deceased taking her on a journey filled with intrigue, confusion, danger and...murder. "What happens to your to do list when you die? Mortician Meg Seabury lives a predictable life until she embalms the body of a Vietnam veteran who had kept a secret for over 50 years. Now Meg is compelled to complete a task that had been weighing heavily on the man’s mind. Time after time, Meg finds herself powerless against acting on the final thoughts of the body she embalms. When she embalms the body of a convicted murderer with revenge on his mind, Meg finds herself in a life-or-death situation that is beyond her control. Detective Dave Steere is investigating the murder of nightclub owner Mike McMahon. When the evidence begins to point to Meg, his intuition tells him something isn’t adding up. Steere tries to uncover the truth but, will the truth be enough to save Meg?" Based off the novel, "Unfinished Business" by Tim Baker, Blindogg Books. Utilizing iconic locations and local businesses like the Coquina Coast Brewing Company, the Flagler Tea Company, the Golden Lion Café and the landmark A1A Scenic and Historic Coastal Byway, the series will show viewers how much Flagler Beach has to offer its visitors. Executive Producers Tim Baker Stephanie Mazzeo Starring Margot Demeter as Meg Seabury Michael Laboska as David Steere Ira Grossman as Mike McMahon Derek Wolf as Jerome Smith Aleksey Volchek as Conrad Smith Dean Phillippi as Carl Benson, Jr Righley Englehardt as Teen Meg Co-Executive Producer Greg Feldman Cinematographers Graham Zielinski Eric Jordan Assistant Camera Isaac Jordan Edited by Gary Lester Casting by Brandy McClelland Production Manager Kelly Brownrigg Wardrobe Stylist Jayne Baker Production Assistants Katie Collins Matthew Eayres Special Guest Appearance "Brewski" Special thanks to Meg (the "real" Meg) and Barry Seabury "Hot" Nancy Coquina Coast Brewing Company and Curtis Moden - Flagler Beach, FL OceanShore Graphics and Judith Mazzeo - Flagler Beach, FL Filmed on location in Flagler Beach, Florida Theme Song: "Unfinished Business" - Joanne Lurgio, Dawn Kenney & Jeffrey Scornavacca
Videography: Projects
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